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Wholesale reusable grocery bags. Broad Bay Cotton is proud to present our Wholesale NCAA College Logo Shopping Bags and Wholesale Annie Hill Designer Reusable Shopping Totes and Wholesale Insulated Shopping bags!


Wholesale Shopping Bags (Sold in Packs of 6)

Our Wholesale Reusable Shopping/Grocery Bag features a sturdy bottom insert to keep your items standing upright and reinforced handles with a comfortable 9 inch drop. Dimensions: 13”h x 12” w x 8”d


Wholesale Insulated Reusable Shopping or Grocery Bags (Wholesale-Sold in Packs of 6)

Our Insulated Wholesale Re-Usable Shopping Bag features dense insulation, a reflective liner, and zipper closure to keep warm air out and your refrigerated items cold. Sturdy reinforced handles can take care of your grocery needs with a comfortable 11 inch drop.
Dimensions: 13.5”h x 12”w x 8”d


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